Monday, January 22, 2007

the tale of two friends

two friends of mine, both charming, both amazing in stark extremities.

One is overflowed with blessings and has become a monster in disguise --- her ego overflated, her charm exaggerated ---too much "me" has gone and exploded all over the place that to keep my sanity i had to leave and lie low from her. Sadly, she is oblivious to the effect she gives and continues to this day living in her own universe of Me.

The other one is charming, amazing, wonderful. She lost her life to love, her confidence shattered, her ego bruised by a sad, pathetic being whose words cut her deep and left her badly scarred. She continually sought to love against all odds, hopeful, yet all in vain.

Sometimes you wonder if life is truly unfair. or just plain sadistic.

I pray for my friend's eventual realization, and for my other friend's gain in confidence.

1 comment:

hlF said...

life is never fair. if it were, we wouldn't have politicians and i would be rich. ehrm. scratch out the last part.

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